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Kari Lake’s Radical Plan for Arizona

Snyder is a Trump ally that embraced Trump’s agenda with open arms. Like Trump, he likes to talk first and think second.

Kari Lake is out of touch with Arizona, and needs to stay out of the governor’s office.

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Your Right to Access an Abortion:


“I believe that taking the life of an unborn child is murder… I’d like to see no abortions, I don’t want to see any baby being aborted.”


"We even have a stronger law on the books that was passed way back in the early 1900s that would outlaw abortion in Arizona.”



Dangerous Rocket Launchers for Anyone:


“I am for any weapon, any gun... so rocket launchers.” 


12 NEWS:

"Lake's campaign reiterated her support of rocket launchers."


Disrespecting the Will of the Voters:



“I'll say it until my last dying breath, our 2020

election was corrupt.”



“He lost the election and shouldn’t be in the

White House. We had a corrupt election.”



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